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The Dirt on Oil Cleansing

Clean my face with oil?! Won't that cause angry breakouts or leave me looking and feeling greasy?! My face is oily enough! 😬

These are valid questions and statements that I get a lot when telling people about Olive You products! Let me put your mind at ease and put these rumors to bed!!

The oil cleansing method has been around for generations. Its origins are rooted in 14th century Asia as women as used it to remove their traditional white paint-like Geisha and Kabuki makeup and keep their skin flawless¹. Centuries of use have proven this method safe. Modern day recipes are formulated to remove makeup, retain skin moisture, control oil levels and improve cystic acne, dissolve blackheads and clogged pores, tighten pores and even improve the appearance of wrinkles.

The skin produces sebum naturally. When you wash your skin with most store bought soaps, it strips you of your natural oils and leaves the face feeling tight, which many associate with the feeling of clean. However, this tightness is actually your face crying from lack of moisture. In response, the skin can create an overabundance of sebum, further clogging pores which is not what we want! We want happy skin!

When you clean your face with oil, it binds to the dirt on your face and the oils in your makeup and when removed, leaves the face clean and moisturized. The natural lipid layer on the skin is preserved and your skin does not feel the need to produce excess sebum. ³

Natural oils vary greatly in composition. Some are more likely to clog pores than others. Olive You Self Care Company only uses butters and oils that measure 2 and under on the comedogenic scale which means they are not likely to cause breakouts in most people with average skin types.

Our Body Cashmere is formulated with Sweet Almond Oil (great for dry, sensitive skin), Fractionated Coconut Oil (also great for dry skin), Extra Virgin EVOO (reduces inflammation and redness) and Argan Oil (helps regulate sebum production)². These oils are well absorbed by the skin and will not leave you feeling oily or greasy, but silky soft and moisturized. To date they have shown to help improve skin clarity and retain moisture for dry to average skin.

Because skin types are not universal we offer a variety of oils specially formulated for various skin types, be it dry, normal or overactive skin!

It is crucial for your own self care to know about your skin type and what products might or might not work for you as well as any allergies you may have that might aggravate the skin and cause breakouts. It's also important to know that there are many factors that go into skin health such as genetics, hormones, environment, food and water consumption and much more. As with any skin care product you should test on a small area of skin before using.

Olive You Self Care Company aims to provide olive you with safe and healthy products to help you be happy from within and have happy skin!

Which Olive You product are you going to try today?!





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