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All About Olive You

Image by Amy Shamblen
"treating yourself with kindness and taking care of yourself is essential... On an intrinsic level it says, I am worthy"
- Ashley Ann

Hello and welcome! My name is Ashley and I am the founder and owner of Olive You Self Care Company. Although my company is in its infancy, it is rooted in a lifelong journey of self love. 

Self care and self love are essential and I believe something that should be a part of everyone's daily routine. How others see you and treat you stems from how you see and treat yourself. As someone who's struggled to love myself unconditionally, I believe that treating yourself with kindness and taking care of yourself is essential in finding and maintaining your inner happiness. On an intrinsic level it says, "I am worthy" and honestly, don't we feel of higher value and self worth when our needs are tended to? Many people are waiting for someone to come along and value them or think they don't have time for self care. The truth is that you don't need to wait for someone. True happiness comes from within and self care is all about you! It doesn't take much to incorporate self care into your daily routine and show yourself a little.. or a lot of love! Olive You aims to provide olive you with quick, gentle and simple ways to do just that!

Olive You Self Care Company prides itself on using premium, non-gmo and certified organic and/or local ingredients in our products whenever possible. Our oils are noncomedogenic so they are not likely to cause irritation in average skin. We partner exclusively with Gourmets of Spain for use of their Veleta brand gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our specially formulated recipes. Each batch is hand crafted with love and care to provide olive you with products that leave your skin nourished and quenched with loved.

Olive You recognizes that self care comes in many forms. In addition to the luxury self care products that we create with love, we aim to provide a variety of self care products available via third party vendors to help meet your self care needs and further your self care quest!

Thank you for joining me! I look forward to this journey with olive you!!! 









-Ashley Ann,

Owner, Olive You Self Care Co, LLC 

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